last updated 5/15/2019

CCDC Dinner

Bing Bread

Path Valley Cultured Butter – honey, gochugaru* 5
Salted Chili Pimento Cheese – bread butter pickled kohlrabi* 7
Sunflower Hozon – marinated radish* 7
Chicken Liver Mousse – fennel jam, five spice, toasted almond 15
Smoked Carolina Trout Dip – Momofuku roe, furikake 17
Spiced Lamb – cumin labne, pickled ramps 15
Baked Clam Dip – Old Bay, parmesan 16  

Small Plates

Spicy Cucumber – almond, togarashi* 7
Earth & Eats Lettuce – asparagus, avocado, tomato bonji vinaigrette* 13
Curried Red Beets – peanuts, citrus, radish*  14
Hamachi Tartare – calamansi-dashi vinaigrette, rice, cured egg yolk 17
Aged Beef Dumpling Soup – onion broth, cumin chili oil 18
Charred Asparagus – smoked bearnaise, country ham xo* 13

Large Plates

Branzino Ssam – spicy ginger scallion, short grain rice 28
Dry Spiced Chicken – olive, cilantro yogurt, rotisserie fat rice 27
Chickpea Stew – basmati rice, romanesco, labne, mint* 22
Braised Lamb Noodles –  pickled peppers, horseradish, mustard greens 28

Family Style (serves 2-3)

Heritage Pork Shoulder Chop – farro verde, spiced pork sausage, rapini, pumpkin seed romesco 69
Dry Aged Ribeye – potato onion hash, bacon ranch iceberg salad MP

*indicates dishes that are vegetarian or can be prepared that way

pricing of items may vary between restaurants due to differences in purveyors