last updated 8/09/18


CCDC Lunch

Path Valley Cultured Butter – honey, gochugaru* 5
Salted Chili Pimento Cheese – bread & butter pickled kohlrabi* 7
Sunflower Hozon – marinated radish, sesame* 7
Burrata – pine nuts, smoked tomato romesco* 15
Smoked Carolina Trout – pickled red onion, furikake 13

Tomato & Lemon Cucumber Salad – iceberg, chickpeas, oregano vinaigrette* 14
Grilled Romaine – nori caesar dressing, shaved fennel, aged pecorino 15
Summer Bap – pickled shiitake, wakame, gochujang, poached egg*  17
Whole Branzino Ssäm – spicy ginger scallion, herbs, bean sprouts 29

served with pickles and choice of side
Dry-Spiced Chicken – cilantro yogurt, harissa hot sauce 21
Five Spice Porchetta Po’Boy – pickled daikon, carrots, cilantro mayo, chicharron 18
Creekstone Farms Prime Beef Dip – tiger sauce, pepper relish, smoked onion jus 19
Edamame Falafel – baba ganoush, harissa hot sauce* 16

5 each / 2 for 9 / 3 for 12
Rotisserie Fat Rice 
Sweet Corn Salad with cotija* 
Cabbage Vinegar Slaw* 
Spicy Cucumbers with almond* 
Kimichi Potato Salad with soy egg*

Desserts by Milk Bar 

* indicates vegetarian options