last updated 9/21/2018

CCDC Dinner

Bing Bread

Path Valley Farms Cultured Butter – honey, gochugaru* 5
Salted Chili Pimento Cheese – bread butter pickled kohlrabi* 7
Sunflower Hozon – marinated radish* 7
Smoked Carolina Trout Dip – Momofuku roe, furikake 17
Chicken Liver Mousse – fennel jam, five spice, toasted almond 15
Maryland Blue Crab Dip – Old Bay, parmesan, bread crumbs 20

Small Plates

Spicy Cucumber – almond, togarashi* 7
Heirloom Tomato & Feta Salad – lemon cucumber, saffron onions, basil broth* 15
Curried Red Beets – peanuts, citrus, radish*  13
Middleneck Clam Toast – Sichuan sausage, oregano, dill mayo 16
Dry Aged Beef & Lamb Dumplings – scallion oil, dried chili 15

Large Plates

Farro Verde & Hominy Stew – avocado, charred jalapeno, tomato* 24
Branzino Ssäm – spicy ginger scallion, herbs, bean sprouts 29
Grilled Berkshire Pork – cherries, smoked eggplant, grilled rapini 27

Family Style

Whole Roasted Chicken – chicken fat basmati rice, green olives, cilantro yogurt, fried eggs (serves 2) 54
Prawn & Summer Truffle Donabe – roasted pork broth, abalone mushroom, heirloom tomato, rice cakes, Thai basil (serves 2-3) 64
Soy Marinated Short Rib Ssäm – bibb lettuce, gochujang, beef fat & mushroom rice (serves 3-4) 94


Yello Wax Beans & Mushrooms – black bean vinaigrette, brown butter, basil* 10
Anson Mill Grits – smoked tomato romesco, cotija* 9


Chocolate Coffee Custard – crème fraiche, almonds, mint* 9
Sweet Corn Mascarpone Panna Cotta – passion fruit curd, blueberries, kataifi* 9
Peach Bread Pudding – cherries, coconut almond cream, toasted oats, walnuts* 9

* indicates vegetarian options

pricing of items may vary between restaurants due to differences in purveyors.